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Your generous gift creates sustainable and inclusive places of belonging for people with intellectual disabilities.  Whether you would like to set up an automatic monthly contribution or give a one-time donation, your commitment makes our community possible: launching the first L'Arche home and enriching our ongoing social events.

A picture of the first L'Arche Frederick house.

A Place to Live
L'Arche will provide much needed community-based residential and
support services to adults with intellectual disabilities in Frederick.

A Place to
The inclusive, supportive home life makes it possible for members to attain their goals, connect with the community, and contribute with their gifts & abilities.
A Place to Belong
A simple lifestyle gives priority to relationships where every
person is welcomed, valued, and celebrated for who they are.


Our Path Forward

Located in the Amber Meadows neighborhood, the home has been lovingly cared for and is in great condition. With a wheelchair ramp and accessible bathrooms, it is an ideal home. This summer, we will renovate part of the basement and the master bedroom to create enough bedrooms to welcome 6 housemates.

L'Arche's unique model of care means that core members live more connected, self-determined lives. Your support ensures that social, spiritual, and recreational opportunities are readily available. Our philanthropic need is especially great in the home's first year. As a new human services provider, we will not receive any state funding for the first six months after core members move in.


Home Life
A L’Arche home has a special rhythm and quality. Our care for each other is reflected in the appearance of the home as well as the culture of hospitality and mutual respect. Quality household supplies and furnishings demonstrate this respect for the house and those who call it home.

Assistants come to live, work and participate in the community, building genuine friendships with their housemates with disabilities. We need to recruit, welcome, and train our skilled, live-in assistants well before core members move in.

Make a Monthly Gift!
Your investment as a monthly donor strengthens the foundation of our community.
By giving monthly, you nurture our growth and help us build a more inclusive, compassionate society. 

Want to be a monthly donor? 
Simply check the box on the donation form above
or email Megan.

Give With Confidence



L'Arche Frederick is a nonprofit 501c(3) organization. 

Our EIN/tax ID number is 46-3927501.

Donations are fully tax-deductible

to the extent allowable by law.

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