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In L'Arche, "core members"  are the adults
with intellectual disabilities who call L'Arche home. 


Life in a L'Arche Home

L'Arche homes are places of welcome, celebration, cooperation, and inclusion.  Those sharing life in a home commit to being active participants in creating a healthy home life that supports everyone.  There are many intentional practices that go into creating a culture of home.  These include, but are not limited to welcoming new housemates & guests, practicing hospitality, sharing meals, celebrating holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, and being open to, and supporting, the spiritual practices of one another.

Founding Core Members

When L’Arche welcomes a new core member, we anticipate that they will live in L’Arche for life. For that reason, openings in L’Arche are very rare and we move through the selection process carefully. A number of factors go in to the decision, including whether the prospective core member is interested in living in an intentional community.  We do not discriminate based on cultural, religious, or financial background.  We do not maintain a waiting list and do not welcome core members on a first-come first-served basis. 

Our founding home will welcome three core members to share life with three live-in assistants.  Great care will be taken to welcome core members who want to live in an intentional community with an active spiritual life.  We will consider the eligibility criteria below as well as our capacity to provide certain types of care.


  • A current diagnosis of intellectual or developmental disability

  • Over the age of 21

  • A resident of Maryland

  • Medicaid Waiver - Community Pathways Waiver for Community Living Group Home

  • Willingness to live in an intentional community home & supportive of L'Arche mission

Application Process

1. Learn more about the mission of L'Arche by attending our events and reaching out with questions.

2. Apply for Medicaid Waiver funding through the Developmental Disabilities Administration.  More information can be found on the DDA website.

3. Once you are approved for Medicaid Waiver funding, your CCS will help you discuss options for residential placement.  You can choose to indicate your interest in L'Arche. 

3. At the same time, interested individuals can complete the Core Member Inquiry Form.  This form is the first step in applying to L'Arche and does not guarantee placement in a L’Arche home. L’Arche does not have a first-come-first-served waiting list.  We will reach out to interested individuals beginning in late fall 2023.

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If you encounter issues filling out the form, please email

"L'Arche communities are places of hope. Each person, according to his or her own vocation, is encouraged to grow in love, self giving and wholeness, as well as in independence, competence and the ability to make choices."   ​-- The Charter of the Communities of L'Arche

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