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With your support, core members in the new home will have the good quality,  comfortable items that we all value in our own homes.  In most cases, we welcome gently-used items in good condition.  Several larger items or frequently used furnishings are marked "new" so they can be enjoyed for years to come.

Please contact us at to discuss in-kind donations.  We are glad to arrange for pick-up or items can be dropped off at the L'Arche house.  We can provide a tax receipt with a description of the items donated.  Thank you!

List Updated 2/13/23

1 Couch *new*
1 Armchairs *new*
1 Bookshelf
Computer desks

General Household
Washcloths *new*
Handtowels *new*
3 Bath mats *new*
Storage bins


4-6 Patio chairs
2 Rocking chairs


Health & Safety
First Aid kit for van
Disposable masks (
N95 preferrered)
Hand sanitizer (
60% alcohol based)


Silverware (around 10 each)
Saucepans, various sizes
Skillets, various sizes
Baking sheets
Assorted kitchen tools
whisk, ladel, spoons,spatulas,        grater, etc)
Tupperware storage

General supplies - printer paper, stamps, envelopes, etc.


Interested in volunteering?
Check out different ways you can share your gifts!

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