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Friends from L'Arche in Jacksonville, Florida offer a peek into their daily lives in community and bear witness to the transformational, loving relationships forged in L'Arche. 

Faces of L'Arche Frederick

Meet Jackie Nunemaker!

We have been privileged to have Jackie participate in L’Arche Frederick for several years. She comes to our monthly Friday Night Events, and has performed in our last two variety shows to rave reviews! Also, Jackie accompanied us to the 2019 L’Arche Eastern Regional Meeting in Scranton. Jackie is shown here at that meeting wearing our “2020 Glasses” to announce the opening of our first home next year! We are blessed by Jackie’s friendship and support!


Meet Jan Guillory!

Jan has accompanied L’Arche Frederick from its beginnings in 2010 and was the founder and first community leader of L’Arche Mobile in AL. Jan’s knowledge of and experience with L’Arche along with her gift of compassion has helped L’Arche Frederick become a reality. Jan is also an accomplished artist. We are so grateful for Jan’s continuing guidance along with her husband-John who was also a member of L’Arche Mobile. Thank you Jan & John! 

A Dedication to Therese Kennedy

Therese Kennedy was our dear L’Arche friend who passed away 2 years ago.  She was one of the original founders of L’Arche Frederick.  Therese was and continues to be an inspiration to us. She faithfully attended our monthly meetings and events where her smile and presence kept us focused on our goal of creating a loving and joyful community.

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